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Top 2016 Trends in Commercial Remodeling

Renovation and adaptive re-use of existing office, retail and other commercial space is a hot trend for 2016. Office design matters and business owners are highly focused on making reception, conference and employee work spaces inviting and efficient.
According to Gensler & Associates, a top national commercial design firm, key trends include:

  1. Office developers and owners are creating spaces that “put a premium on sustainability, wellness, loft-like spaces and locations that are active, transit-friendly and walkable.” A key driver is the need to recruit new generations of workers; their values are different.
  2. Mixed use is considered important to increase interaction between living and work spaces. Mixed use is being driven by larger trends toward urbanization and proximity now seen across the globe.
  3. Wherever response time is critical, the demand for open and collaborative work spaces will increase. Examples include customer service, financial services, healthcare, market research and product development. Time is money and the faster information is shared, the faster challenges can be resolved.
  4. The economics of real estate efficiency will continue to inspire a move toward less space and higher productivity per square foot. Mobility and continued transition from paper to digital are key drivers.
  5. Retail space is moving toward more personalized experiences for the shopper, including blending on line and off line shopping. Where retailers once used a “one design fits all” approach to multiple locations, newer designs address the culture and preferences of locality. And with the increased use of online ordering there’s less need for large stock footprints so overall space requirements are shrinking.
  6. Building and space design are being looked at increasingly as reinforcement of corporate culture and brand design. In an ever more competitive world differentiation innovation are critical.
  7. Technologies that promote wellness and monitor building performance are being integrated more and more. The goal is to create buildings and work spaces that are highly resource-efficient and that enhance human creativity, productivity and quality of life. What gets measured, gets fixed.

At Fleming we’re on top of commercial building design trends because we work closely with developers, owners, architects and designers to fulfill their visions with solid construction and expertise. If you have a new design for your commercial or work space, or you’re just thinking about it, feel free to call us at (480) 237-0765 or email us at for a no-charge discussion of your thoughts and plans.

Monsoons are Coming...Is Your Building Ready?

Insurers and contractors agree that following a few simple steps can make a big difference when it comes to reducing damage to commercial buildings from wind-driven rain.
Things to check for:

  1. Identify and repair leaks around skylights, windows and doors. Peeling paint may be a sign of leakage.
  2. Secure your roof flashing properly and look for signs of leaking.
  3. Make sure all vents and HVAC equipment are well anchored to the roof. Seal gaps with flashing cement.
  4. Basement windows and doors should have built-up barriers or flood shields.
  5. Landscaping should slope down and away from the building.
  6. Ensure windows, doors and garages are secure, sealed and insulated properly.

Determine whether your building has, or needs, a lightning protection system. You can visit for more information.

Remember, every time a monsoon hits it’s possible that your building’s roof or exterior may have been damaged or weakened. It is critical that during Arizona’s monsoon season, June 15 through September 30, someone visually checks all of your building’s points of entry for damage or changes, no matter how small, as monsoon and high wind damage accumulate over time. 

Generally outside the scope of most business’s normal activities, a regular program of inspection, maintenance and repair for your building is an essential part of operational planning. This will help prolong the building’s appearance and useful life while preserving your investment.
At Fleming Complete we are experts at Arizona commercial building maintenance and repair needs. Feel free to give us a call for assistance with inspections, checklists or helpful general advice on keeping your building in top condition during the upcoming season of monsoon and dust storms.

From 'Smart Building' to High-Performance

High Performance Buildings (HPBs) are the new generation. Commercial buildings today must satisfy a wide range of requirements concerning energy usage, safety, security, employee productivity and more. Increasingly, commercial building owners and managers are relying on new software and mobile applications to help manage these tasks.
Until recent years, smart building features were basic and addressed occupant comfort. Features addressed temperature, air quality, sanitation, security and more, typically as independent systems.
At Fleming Companies we’re seeing a shift toward a more fully integrated model directed at delivering new levels of visibility and actionable information to building owners and property managers. The end game is for buildings to be more responsive to the power grid, minimize environmental impact and make a statement about company mission and brand.

Those of us in development, design and construction recognize the value of HPBs. We also understand that wonderful technology can’t do its job without human oversight and interaction, which we all address during the creation of a new commercial building.
As we work with clients to fulfill their vision with top-notch construction we’re learning more about HPBs daily. Done well, a high performance building will yield a long list of benefits for owners, occupants, managers and the community. We’re looking forward to building more.

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