EducationSWHD Office Reconfiguration

Southwest Human Development Office Reconfiguration

Phoenix, Arizona


An organized office area creates efficiencies within any company, and can be crucial at educational institutions.  At Fleming Complete, we've offered our full breadth of services to Southwest Human Development in helping them deliver a great start in life for children.

A recent project afforded us the opportunity to create a professional and caring atmosphere by reconfiguring their office space. We offered great sensitivity toward the confidential nature of their work, and focused on completing the project with the least amount of impact on both their staff and their students by performing work when students were out of session.

Do you have a project in a confidential setting requiring special work hours? Look no further than Fleming Complete to provide the care you need to complete your project. We can be reached 24/7 at and will provide a quick response with a no strings attached quote for your project.