Few industries are changing as rapidly, and as much, as healthcare. A major shift of care into alternative and outpatient settings has resulted in more than 70% of medical facility construction projects being ambulatory facilities. These include retail clinics, urgent care, freestanding emergency facilities and imaging and surgical centers.

In our 18 years in the Phoenix market we have seen major changes in the layout and construction of healthcare offices. The traditional medical office building, designed to accommodate unrelated tenant groups in identical and unimaginative suites, is giving way to designs that deliver exemplary patient experiences in emerging treatment models such as shared medical appointments (SMAs).

Fleming Complete understands the new pressures on medical offices and staff for efficiency, cost containment and emerging treatment models. We will work with your designer, architect and staff to make sure your vision for a truly modern and user-friendly facility is realized on time, on budget.

If you will let us know about your medical office repair, upgrade or tenant improvement project we’ll be happy to send a Construction Project Manager to speak with you at your location. There’s no obligation and we’re glad to share what we know.